How to Start Planning Out a Major Corporate Event


How to Start Planning Out a Major Corporate Event

Whether you’re planning to take control of the yearly office party this year or you’re just looking to bring all your co-workers together in one place, planning a corporate party can be full of challenges and setbacks. If you’ve never planned out a corporate party in the past, then it may be easy to get lost before you’ve even gotten started. This is why we’ve compiled a brief guide on how to start the process of planning out your next major corporate event.

Do Your Venue Research

Of course, your venue is one of the most important components of your party. You don’t want to rush into the process of selecting a venue, though. This is why it’s so crucial to give yourself plenty of time to research different venues in your area. Some people may prefer a venue that’s close to the office so commute times are decreased. Others may like the chance to get out of town for a night. In any case, it’s a good idea to give yourself many options for venues, especially in the earlier stages of planning.

You should also consider any supplemental rentals that may need to be orchestrated when choosing a venue. For example, some outdoor venues may require you to coordinate with a tent rental supplier if you’re looking to set things up outside. These kinds of decisions can be made much smoother if you know what to expect beforehand. Sure, most tent rental suppliers worth your time would be willing to provide service on short notice, but who wants to have to deal with that level of added pressure?

Give Yourself Enough Time to Choose a Rental Equipment Supplier

Once you’ve got a venue in mind, it’s time to secure your rental equipment. Though you may not realize it at first, there are a lot of smaller elements that make up any successful corporate party. From tables to chairs and dance floors, finding the right party rental equipment supplier is critical if you want to have a successful event. Thankfully, when you do the work needed to secure a tent rental supplier, you can usually discuss other rental equipment with them as well.

Coordinate With Your Venue

Every great corporate party needs to have some sort of entertainment. While game segments and a few speeches from co-workers are always great, it never hurts to coordinate some other activities for those in attendance. Whether you’re looking for a DJ, a live band, or something else, choosing the right entertainment can really enhance the corporate event experience. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the food, either.

Don’t disregard the important role that your decorations play in the rest of the event. For example, choose three main colors to create a theme then carry those colors throughout with accessories like napkins, plates, place cards, paper pom-poms, pennants, or balloons. Creating a cohesive environment not only makes your guests feel welcome, but it also provides the perfect backdrop for socializing, picture taking, and all kinds of fun memories. By optimizing your decorations, you can truly take your event to the next level. If you’re not sure how to pick decorations, try asking your party rental supplier if they provide decoration packages and themes. These starting points can serve as excellent assistance when you’re feeling overwhelmed with the rest of the planning process.

At Allied Tent Rentals, we are proud to provide you with all your party rental equipment needs. Not sure how to get started or what exactly you need for your next big event? No worries. We can’t wait to help you make your next big event a success.

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